Saving my privacy and making money out of it.

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“Welcome to Chrome?” not anymore for me. Yes, it happened, after years of being a Chrome user, I changed. The new kid arrived and is beating everyone else. No more ads, no more unnecessary stuff, faster and cleaner user-friendly front end, and to top it all of, I’m making passive income just by using it (but no I’m not becoming rich overnight).

Meet the Brave Browser, and honestly, you don’t need to be brave to change, I’ll make it very simple for you to decide trust me.

7 ways to turn your writing skills into a business

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I started my writing journey on this very platform about two months ago and it rapidly became a very enjoyable hobby, but a hobby that could also evolve to be an extra income source. After making a decent income writing online and seeing the potential behind this healthy habit, I started to research ways to not only practice more but to start making even more money out of it. Practice makes perfect and more work means more practice. Here are ten ways you can find new writing jobs.

1. Cold pitching

Cold Pitching is a great way to land recurring gigs because there’s…

The opinion of a lifetime Windows user.

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One day I was looking online for good deals on a new Macbook Pro, I’ve convinced myself to change my old trusty Windows laptop for the sake of…. I don’t even know, entrepreneurship and design, I guess…
As almost every Windows user, I always look at the Apple laptop as a very dramatic change to my daily life because it is a very different approach, with a different operative system and very hard to learn to use smoothly, or so I thought.

On that run for the best deal, I came across the price of the Macbook Air. I knew…

3 Months using Brave for the sake of privacy and passive income(-ish).

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Three months ago I discovered Brave, a browser that promised security and privacy like no other and on top of that, also had its own (crypto)currency “BAT” allowing users to generate passive income just by using the browser.
I was fascinated and after doing some research and testing, rapidly wrote about it HERE. Three months later here I am ready to answer the primordial question: “Brave Browser, The Passive Income King?

Let’s first look at the castle

This castle was advertised to have the strongest and tallest walls, i.e, security and privacy was the…

Stress is when you don’t have options. Rethinking and reorganizing.

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Do what you love and love what you do. Sounds like a cliche right? Well, it is, but one that when applied to our lives it is the pinnacle of a professional/personal life. If you’re loving what you’re doing, you’ll feel more productive and therefore finding purpose in your work, leading to better time management that allows you to enjoy what life has to offer.

Time spent earning money is time spent away from your friends and family. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Understand money

The sooner you stop depending on money the better. Understanding how money is flowing…

Getting the most out of my laptop and wi-fi.

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At this point, if you have a laptop or a smartphone and an internet connection you can generate a decent extra income or even start a business. From social media to online platforms and websites there is definitely a way for you to start earning a few bucks on the side. There are numerous practices that you can go on and try, and today I’ll talk about the ones that I’ve tried since I started looking for online side hustles.

To find a solid online side hustle you’ll look for something that you want to do that’s not (very) time-consuming…

It is just a correction and instead of running away, you should get even closer.

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“What goes up must come down” — Isaac Newton

Instead of understanding Isaac Newton’s gravity law, in this case, I encourage you to apply this law every time you see a financial chart. There is no such thing as an eternal bull run (market in an endless uptrend). I invite you to open any chart of any stock/currency/cryptocurrency and see if you can identify an uncorrected trend. Every asset is manipulated by its value, i.e., …

Real trading fundamentals that no one talks about.

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Trading is becoming more and more popular, and it makes sense. We are in February of 2021, a year went by since we were introduced to the virus that would change our daily life, we’re stuck at home, and unemployment numbers went through the roof all around the world, it is fair and comprehensible the search for new income sources, and honestly, trading is a very good one, if you do it right.
Often I see numerous YouTube videos about the “trader lifestyle” and 80% include Lamborghinis, mansions, and luxury objects. …

Habits that changed my mornings you can borrow easily.

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The start of a new day is a start for a new set of opportunities, and the way you conduct your morning definitely sets the tone for the rest of the day. So even if you’re a night owl, I can relate to you, I’ve been there.

The only difference, in that case, is that I figured a way to actually enjoy shifting my daily schedule from being awake until very late at night, to (in a certain period of my life) beating the sun to its wake up time.

Before sharing with you what made me change my routine…

Killing the most useless task of modern society, scrolling through social media.

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Living in a society built upon digital presence forces us to have a phone on us all day. Procrastination is one lock-screen away and the infinite black hole of dopamine filling and self-esteem killing is in reach of our thumbs. It is way too easy to get distracted and lose focus on the primordial task that we were taking care of.

A life-changing moment occurred for me when one day I was having breakfast to then review the lines I had to deliver in a Casting Call that was 2 hours away. It was 8:00 am and I was eating…

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